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Founded in 1976 through the initiative of Candido Sguinzi, Somai is now run and managed by his children, who oversee the growth of the company on national and international markets. Established as a manufacturer of pneumatic vibrators for building construction, the company later extended its production to include electric vibrators for the industrial and building construction sectors, up to the manufacture of machines for concrete precast. Constantly pursuing its aim, Somai has always created products and application systems that can meet the growing needs of the market and the specific requirements of its clients, providing them with the relevant technical support. Products are manufactured and assembled exclusively at the premises in Cisliano in compliance with European regulations and the most up-to-date CE and Atex regulations for safety and quality. Thanks to the contribution of new technology and the expertise of valuable collaborators, Somai continues to establishing itself on the global market.

SOMAI VSP 4023 ( Product Code : 707 )
SOMAI VSP 1418 ( Product Code : 706 )
SOMAI VMP 1118 ( Product Code : 705 )
SOMAI VMP 1426 ( Product Code : 704 )
SOMAI VMP 1126 ( Product Code : 703 )
SOMAI VMPS 1400 SILENCED ( Product Code : 702 )
SOMAI VMP 1400 ( Product Code : 701 )

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