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Batmatic represents more than 35 years a solid point of reference in the field of compaction, both as a leader in the Italian market as a company successful in the international arena.
Batmatic offers a wide and complete range of plate compactors from 60 kg to 700 kg, ideal for compacting soil and paving.


Batmatic compactors are designed and manufactured in factories located in the province of Parma in northern Italy. Specializing in the production of vibrating plates has always guaranteed the opportunity to offer the end user a reliable and innovative, with an attention to detail that is typical of the brand Batmatic.


The distribution of products Batmatic in Italy is supported by an efficient sales network, developed in such a way as to cover the entire national territory.
Batmatic abroad is present in the large-scale distribution of construction machinery and construction equipment throughout Europe, Central and South America, North Africa, and the Far East

CR4050 ( Product Code : 807 )
CR4050 ( Product Code : 806 )
CRD20 ( Product Code : 805 )
CRD18 ( Product Code : 804 )
‍CPB90 ( Product Code : 803 )
CPB9/Ey20 ( Product Code : 802 )
‍CPB90 ( Product Code : 801 )

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