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Optimism, intuition, flexibility, a firm will to assert ourselves and develop: this is the philosophy of Fiori engineering so as to always come out the winner and continue to grow and strengthen our structures.

Fiori was born on 27 December 1942 of the undisputed entrepreneurial ability of the Knight of Labour, Fioravante Malavolta,who in the height of the Second World War with only 58,000 liras in his pocket decided to convert ex military material of good constructive quality (vehicles, tracked vehicles and various components) into machines for the building sector and winter road clearing vehicles.

After specialising in the construction of transport vehicles for building sites (dumpers, cranes, self-loading trucks) from the mid-forties to the mid-sixties, in 1956 the company presented its winning horse on the Italian market for the first time: the 2-wheel drive DUMPER. This marked the beginning of a long and successful series of small specialised vehicles, economical and flexible in use.

MINILOAD 1200 ( Product Code : 102 )
DB260SL ( Product Code : 101 )

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